Flexalen Rigid Insulated Ducting

Ideal Solution for Heat Recovery Ventilation


Flexalen HRV is an innovative and sustainable insulated piping system that is developed to offer high-grade solutions to the increasing demands, in regard to thermal insulation and noise levels in living spaces, that are pinned to air technology systems with heat recovery application.

Insulation Value

Flexalen HRV is composed from a state-of-the art, vapourtight insulation foam attached to a solid, shockproof PE outercasing. Besides a great thermal insulation value, to prevent condensation, the piping system acts as an efficient noise compressor.

Ease of installation

The Flexalen HRV system is characterised by its simple, secure and quick assembly based on a newly developed linkage system. Through the application of these connections, an excellent airtightness is ensured. The patented linkage system guarantees a solid, safe and trouble-free installation, with a minimum use of brackets. There are reducing connections, fitting all units with heat recovery in order to secure roof or wall-transportation.

Intelligent design

The ease of installation is based on an intelligent logistical concept. All possible piping connections can be realised with only 5 items from the Flexalen HRV assortment. In this way, Flexalen HRV requires minimum warehouse space and allows the installer to lay out a complete distribution network with fewer elements